Good morning everyone, wow what a week I have had. Yeah you all know slammed of course but hey I booked my flight for Spannibis in March and will be finally meeting a great bunch of guys there. Will be doing 5 days and am so freaking excited. Was speaking to George at DV and was funny that we would finally meet but have to go all the way to Spain to do so lol. Toward the end of the conversation it seems we will far before then. I am going to be making a drive up there and doing some time with him and the DV team. 12 hours one way but well worth the trip I assure you all.

A lot of great things are going to be coming from Ed's TnT in the new year. I would love to say the end of the year but got a lot of learning to do so be on the lookout, this is for real and wow I can’t wait to get started.

Spent all week cranking out stems for a large dealer order trying to get ahead of all the other work I got lined up.

 Got a load of WS parts in and really liking what I am seeing now