Hello, wow have had a good week and even better weekend so far. Got some work done in the shop and spent a couple days on the PC finalizing orders. Got a large one I gotta get turning on this week for VapoShop, been a bit since I did some work for them and gosh they hit me hard. I like these kinds of orders though, yeah, I am a bit overwhelmed but like the pressure. I finished up the blind frame on my boat with one of my sons yesterday for upcoming duck season, we are almost done with it and I can’t tell who is more anxious and excited him or I to get out there and bring home fresh vittles. We carved pumpkins yesterday and had a blast, the wife and I did this one

Omgosh Lane is getting so big y'all, he will be 5 months old in about a week, he is such a busy body he is always on the go kicking and swing his arms on his back and in my arms. He rolled over for the first time yesterday but hasn’t liked tummy time so when he realized he was on his belly needless to say he wasn’t excited about that and couldn’t roll over to his back lol. Is bout time for him to get a tooth, has been getting his onesies awful wet with drool but hey making teeth ain't easy so we deal with it and keep on keeping on.

Can you believe after the long long hot summer we have had one day last week it was 37 when I walked out to the shop one morning, holy cow y'all it starting to feel a lot like winter is coming and what a great time of year.

Turned another show stopper Cocobolo WS along with many other species

There is so many vibrant colors in this piece and as you all know it’s so hard to really capture them all. The reds and oranges in this piece are striking among the black lines and lighter tones WOW I wish you all could see this in hand.

Got a load of amazing Birdseye maple in yesterday and like I said above I wish you all could see what I see in hand. There are a lot of eyes in these pieces and even looks like spalting how the grain bout half and half is darker almost grey, wow these will be beauties

Even have a load of Tasmanian Huon Pine coming from a great friend who has been searching for a reputable dealer in his part of the world. Gotta give it to him for bulldogging it for me and finding such great wood with this much history.


I am going to do a giveaway fundraiser for Make a Wish in the past well I have been working on a piece of BogOak for a WS that I have been trying my hand at gilding and have been adding 24K silver leaf to it. I will be starting this in the next week or two and hope you will make this a successful event and help me raise a bunch of money for the kids at this time of year and take a chance at a one of a kind WS like no other. Will tell you all more very soon and how to get in on it.

Got a busy week ahead and got something cooking I am eager to do more research on, going to be a lot of fun in the future I assure you.

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

do u still have the purple heart wooden pipes for sale

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hello, no sir pipes never really did that well but if you wanna do something custom pls email me and lets talk about it. Thanks for the inquiry and I look to hear from you soon.

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