Good morning everyone, been another busy week and a fun one. Seems me and my guy were the only ones in the woods for opening day. It was 71 degrees to start the day before daylight. Was sweating by the time I walked in after a mile. Got put and had to cover up so not to be toted off by the mosquitoes just made it all the more hot. Had a doe blow at me after a couple hours and got tired of fighting skeeters so I struck out walking and scouting. Morning hunt wasn’t so great but found a better spot for the afternoon. Delta hunts are always fun though, there are cotton fields as far as the eye can see.

Wide open forest of acres and acres as much as you can possibly walk. Went to the nearest town for lunch and stopped at this soul food joint for fried chicken, collard greens, veggies, corn bread cakes and rrrrrr the best banana pudding. Menu showed Wednesdays are pig’s feet haha, I will eat almost anything but am not about pigs’ feet. 

Afternoon hunt was better it got up to feeling like 95 though, at least it was too hot for the mosquitoes. It was so quiet in the woods. Got to talking to my guy and as I said seems we were the only ones even moving through the day, I usually hear a squirrel bark or see em but notta not a thing the whole day. I was walking out at almost dark and had a knee-high oinker run across my path at 30 yards, we both surprised each other, he froze for a sec I shouldered the crossbow and before I could aim he was on the move again. I am not going to take a shot I don’t feel good about and didn’t want to wound him so had to watch my fresh pork chops wander off in the woods ughh. I got til end of January so will have plenty more opportunities for wild BBQ.

Spent time in the shop doing what I do. Turned several WS bodies and did a few close and personal pics at a Colonial Cypress WS body. Get a look at the tight grain patterns in this piece, there is a lot of years and history in this piece

My cell phone is the best, it really gets in there. That’s so neat, everyone really should get an iPhone killer!

Even got a few more blanks of BogOak in, I know they look just plain and grey in this pic but don’t let that fool ya, as you know it’s so hard to catch the real beauty of wood in pics. These are quite dark in hand and the grain is really tight in these being solid, all rated at 3,700 years old. One is spoken for already.

Been moving quite a few VVPS and have heard from a couple users, one saying 12.6 set him back flooring him.

Got a shipment of glass coming in today and will be adding the new WS Tip Glass stem to all WS packages at no extra cost. Will be retailing it for $14.89 individually but won’t raise the cost of the WS package at all. Who else gives you all the accessories like I do and doesn’t cost you any extra???

These will be going live at the site in the next day if not later tonight if I have time. They are 4"L giving you even more cooling when using it this way.

That’s it for now yall, got my boat back from a fix and tune up, gotta get my sons up and going we got water to get in woot woot!


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