Hello everyone, has been some good days in the shop and some not so happy days as well in the shop. I got that Amboyna in and wow what a letdown. The big golden slab had cracks and checks all over its front side back side side to side not cool. I asked the guy before I purchased it what was the moisture content of both pieces, he says 8-10% probably. That’s workable so I bought em. I get them both in and the golden was not cool. I get with the guy and he says well uhh you can wipe it with a wet sponge and they will disappear. Uhhhh say what, is that what I am supposed to tell my customers after they buy one from me and the unit opens up, just wipe it with a wet sponge all is good don’t sweat the cracks. Nahhhh that isn’t how it works. I got my money back for it and sent the slab back. I had a feeling the red might be ok but also had a feeling may not. It was covered in wax as most all burls are, so I ripped it apart and all looked good til the next day when I was about to work it. The ends and sides began to open up, evidently it wasn’t dry as he had said. Don’t get me wrong I should have checked it with a moisture meter but mine is wrecked and he did say it was 8-10% probably. What a bust, I again get in touch with guy and he says this time uhhh burls tend to be that way and that’s just the nature of it. Uhhh say what again. Guy says have you worked burl before and I was really trying not to flip out and kept it cool. I spent a bunch of dough on these couple pieces. He refunded one but not the other so it was a loss and I kept my cool as well as kicked myself in the butt for knowing I shouldn’t have bought them I freaking knew better but the wood itself got the better of me and thinking of what I could make out of them was overwhelming and made me forget of the past and the lesson I learned long ago. So, after all I kept my cool, only lost half my investment and lesson learned again.

So, looking forward to fall yall and winter more so, yesterday the heat index was 105 here. Today is the first day of fall and is going to be another hot one here again but there is hope and a cool front is on the way. Seems next week it may be in the upper 80's woot woot are you kidding I can’t wait. That and Oct. 1st is the opening day for archery season and it’s supposed to be in the upper 70's during the day and 50's at night and I get to spend the day in the woods hunting for fresh vittles, ohh it’s so my time of the year!

Have really enjoyed my time in the shop the last week. Cleared out a lot of custom work and this weekend will be moving the rest of my list. A customer sent me a stunning piece of Huon Pine from Tasmania, thanks for the correction bro. Not sure how many of you all have seen my IG feed the last week, but I did a


Tasmanian Huon Pine / Ukrainian BogOak / US Colonial Cypress

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