Good morning everyone, hope all is well out you all’s way. Has been a great last week, a busy one for sure. Got a lot done and even did something new which is always fun. Sale has been good and today being the last day I hope you all will grab a deal while ya still can. Am almost there with the funds for the CE and hope and pray I can get a few more sales in to have enough to get this process started and finished. Not a bad time to get $30 - 40 off y'all.

Gotta say yesterday was the best time had in the week. I have 4 kids and 2 steps, there is not a whole lot of time or opportunities to get one on one time with any of them. My oldest and I went to the shooting range yesterday and spent almost 4 hours out there having a blast. We both were a bit rusty on the sporting clays, me more so than he.

He’s almost 17 now, growing up so fast, has a GF and is not sure what he wants to do with his life. He is not feeling college and would rather just go to work. He just did his second summer at the same water park this one as a life guard there. His first summer was working the office selling tickets and summer passes. He is building a solid rep and I have been told he is a great kid that will work his butt off even when not asked too. I would like him to go to college but if he doesn’t that’s fine too, I went a couple semesters and screwed off to only go to work and give it hell ever since. I just want him happy and if that does it for him then it does for me as well. We both had several good laughs out there, he told me more than twice he had a good time, I more than twice loved hearing it and so glad we did.

I did just score a big slab of golden Amboyna burl live edge and a nice chunk of red Amboyna burl live edge. These should be here next couple days and hope they are dry enough to work. Wow they are beautiful!

Will be fun working these in soon and will let you all know how they turn out.

As I said above there are still many great species of WoodScents left to get while sale is still active. Get a deal now!

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