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Exotic & Figured WoodScents Titanium AromaLog Diffuser – Only the Finest figured native & non-native exotic wood species from all over the world!!!

WoodScents is available in varying figured species native to the North American Continent as well as the finest exotic wood species in the world. I can’t help myself when it comes to wood, if I have a chance to work something new its on!

Canadian AppleWood WoodScents Titanium AromaLog - Ed's TnT

WoodScents is the most innovative log on the market, utilizing Ti med grade 2 components for a clean & healthy experience. You will be surprised by the performance of this beast powered by a heavy hitter heater core capable of high temperatures in short notice.

Have a look!

Curly Maple WoodScents Titanium AromaLog - Ed's TnT

Canadian Applewood, Curly Maple, & Mexican Katalox these are just are just a the beginning!

Mexican Katalox WoodScents Titanium AromaLog - Ed's TnT

Grab your own unique hand turned piece from Mother Nature’s blessings, the WoodScents Titanium AromaLog!

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