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WoodScents Titanium AromaLog is the first and only log diffuser to utilize Titanium Medical Grade 2 components! WoodScents AromaLog is available in varying species and price ranges. On the low end are domestic native US species, nothing low end about them. All are choice selections from Mother Natures blessings!

Walnut WoodScents - Titanium Aromalog - Ed's TnT

Domestics are available in Black Walnut, Cherry, Maple & Torched White Ash. Domestics as said come with each and every accessory as well as controls, I would throw in the kitchen sink if I could get it in the shipping tube lol!

I have been working these species for a long long time, I have come to know them very well. Having done these by the 1000’s in stems, I will say Walnut is my all time favorite domestic. Cherry above will darken over time, just how it does. Kinda like wine, better over time!

Maple WoodScents - Titanium Aromalog - Ed's TnT

All Maple WoodScents are turned from Hard Maple a choice domestic wood species. Many people are surprised by the weight of the WoodScents. These domestic species are all hard wood. WoodScents has a wide open upper cavity which takes a lot of meat out of the body. This design is the first and only of its kind within a log style unit. The air path floats above the bottom dividing wall. Floating means that it doesn’t touch or sit on the wood. Logs of old were notorious for charring. High temperatures over extended periods of time would essentially char the interior body. This charring would degrade and damage the device rendering it useless. The WoodScents floating Titanium Air Path has the smallest amount of metal to wood surface area almost eliminating all heat transfer. Also being Titanium, a superior metal, it  retains less heat than any other being used.

Have a look!

WoodScents Titanium AromaLog Diffuser - Ed's TnT - Floating internal Titanium Air Path

I just began working White Ash a couple years ago. I had seen how other wood workers were burning their pieces and wanted to do something similar. My oldest son turned a set of Salt & Pepper Shakers so we put the heat to em, the softer aspect of the grain burned leaving the harder more dense area unaffected. Once I saw this neat technique I was hooked and had to do it to the WoodScents and began offering the Torched White Ash WoodScents AromaLog.

White Ash WoodScents LogVape-DynaVap VapCap - Ed's TnT

WoodScents is the only unit that gives you the capability of portability use out of the box! Each Package will have the Exclusive DynaCap Cap that when used over the WoodScents Stem allows you to go out and about using a flame based heat source. The power of a desktop paired with portability, doesn’t get any better that!

Also keep in mind that every order ships free worldwide so you don’t have to pay that expense either!

WoodScents FAQ - Ed's TnT

Have some question about the WoodScents, read more above.

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