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I have been working burls for a long time, these are the most beautiful Burl WoodScents AromaLog I have ever made! A burl results from a tree undergoing some form of stress in its life. It may be caused by an injury, virus or fungus. Most burls grow beneath the ground, attached to the roots as a type of malignancy that is generally not discovered until the tree dies or falls over. Some burls appear on the side of the tree you may have noticed as large growths kinda like a tumor.  Almost all burl wood is covered by bark, even if it is underground. These growths are prized and highly sought after! The eyes of some species are so bright and vibrant. The abnormality is quite unique way more so than in its normal form. Just as tough as some burls are they can be just as fragile. I have wanted to pull my hair out many times while stomping and yelling in anger when a piece is almost done then it tears out to my horror!

Buckeye Burl WoodScents - Titanium Aromalog - Ed's TnT

Buckeye Burl is typically found beneath the ground in the root system having different tones and amazing character. Its a soft wood which takes a lot of care when working any way ya work it!

Redwood Burl WoodScents - Titanium Aromalog - Ed's TnT

California Redwood Burl is another US species, just as soft as Ohio Buckeye Burl but not a vulnerable at times to work. These pieces have subtle eyes and swirls with distinct grain patterns. I have found this specie of burl to come in many forms as do others. Some of the finest in this can be found to have brilliant lace patterns that are mesmerizing to say the least!

Ed's WoodScents Ti Aroma Log Thuya Burl - Ed's TnT

Moroccan Thuya Burl has become one of my favorites to work! Its a very valuable burl, quite expensive and a heck of a loss when it doesn’t turn out for me. Its very dense and generally works well for me most of the time. Thuya WoodScents are heavier than most WoodScents species, not so heavy its a problem. I feel for me its better and more stable all around.

Flaming BoxElder Burl WoodScents Titanium AromaLog - Ed's TnT

Flame Boxelder Burl is one I have began working again. Have had Dugouts made in this species many times being a top shelf choice if you are into combustion. Only makes sense to have this superior beauty in a WoodScents! Boxelder is a domestic wood species found in North America and in the Maple family. I have found it to have rich red tones and swirls as well as tight true eyes. Also found it to be full of worm holes as its notorious for this rrrrrr, some like it more than I. Sure adds for more character!

I don’t want to nickle and dime anyone, I want you to be able to handle any situation straight out of the box. The WoodScents package will consist of

· 12v wall adapter power supply

· Inline rotary temperature control

· Right angle extension cable

· Matching 3″ 14mm tapered wooden Aroma Stem

· VapCap Cap by DynaVap

· Matching 2″ 14/18mm wooden aroma WPA

· Glass oil AromaCup

· 4″ Straight glass Aroma Stem

· 14mm glass Aroma WPA

· Titanium tip for wood Aroma Stem w/Ti disc & orings installed

As well as all this you will also receive an extra set of orings, extra Ti filter disc, a poker/stir tool, small brush for cleaning and maintenance, a wooden push rod for adjusting the depth of the Ti filter disc within the tip for smaller loads, a small tin of Bomb Ass Butter for lubing the orings when swapping the tip from wood stem to wood WPA, a couple conical mesh filters for glassware.

Have a look!

WoodScents has undergone a safety process analysis through VaporAsylum and has earned a Seal of Safety Approval.

Also keep in mind that every order ships free worldwide so you don’t have to pay that expense either!

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