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Colonial Cypress is also called Sinker Cypress. The pieces that made these Colonial WoodScents are actually virgin timbers said to be 1,200 years old before they were axe cut by our forefathers who settled this great country 4-500 years ago. These timbers were floated down local rivers to the coastal regions where they would be loaded on a cargo ship going where ever needed. Dating these blanks would be safe to say 1600-1700 years old total.

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Ancient Bog Oak WoodScents - Titanium Aromalog - Ed's TnT

Wow who do you know with a Vape this old? That’s right, these WoodScents Ancient Bog Oak Titanium AromaLogs have been radio carbon dated to be around 2,800 years old give or take 50. Whether its 50 over or under that’s still a long long time!

Keep in mind all WoodScents will come standard with –

· 12v wall adapter power supply

· Inline rotary temperature control

· Right angle extension cable

· Matching 3″ 14mm tapered wooden Aroma Stem w/Condenser

· VapCap Cap by DynaVap

· Matching 2″ 14/18mm wooden aroma WPA

· Glass oil AromaCup

· 4″ Straight glass Aroma Stem

· 14mm glass Aroma WPA

· Titanium tip for wood Aroma Stem w/Ti disc & orings installed

As well as all this you will also receive an extra set of orings, extra Ti filter disc, a poker/stir tool, small brush for cleaning and maintenance, a wooden push rod for adjusting the depth of the Ti filter disc within the tip for smaller loads, a small tin of Bomb Ass Butter for lubing the orings when swapping the tip from wood stem to wood WPA, a couple conical mesh filters for glassware.

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WoodScents has undergone a safety process analysis through VaporAsylum and has earned a Seal of Safety Approval.

Also keep in mind that every order ships free worldwide so you don’t have to pay that expense either!

WoodScents FAQ - Ed's TnT

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